The self-governing crypto index fund

Echelon is the first autonomous cryptocurrency index fund.
Securely invest in a basket of digital assets with fees below 2%.

The Rise of Crypto

On the 31st of October 2008, the peer-to-peer electronic cash system, Bitcoin, was quietly released to the world. Since then, it has steadily migrated into mainstream along with hundreds of other so-called digital assets. However, today only the most tech-savvy investors can access the whole market.

Echelon uses artificial intelligence to automatically index the cryptocurrency market and invest in a resilient portfolio of the top digital assets. Investors can enter Echelon through traditional means and easily track their investment in the fund. Echelon reduces the complexity and security risks inherent in cryptocurrency investing, while charging the lowest fees in the industry.



The Echelon Digital Asset Index

Indexing is a proven strategy to lower investing risk. This is as true for the stock market as it is for cryptocurrencies. Echelon helps every smart investor to conveniently gain exposure to the market with less risk.

Echelon builds its portfolio using a benchmark index of the cryptocurrency market. The resulting fund contains assets listed according to strict eligibility criteria and weighted by their respective market capitalizations. Echelon securely manages the portfolio and issues shares of the fund, enabling investors to access it through traditional banking infrastructure. Read more about the fund.

Initial Investment $500,000

Starting Period 43 months ago

$ 0

December 2016


Why Invest with Echelon


Echelon enables its investors unprecedented control over how their investments are managed. The governance rules will be implemented via smart contracts, amended through delegated voting events, and immutably enforced on the blockchain.

Diversified Portfolio

Echelon tracks an index of over 1000 digital assets. This market presents an appealing opportunity for diversification as its movements are uncorrelated with traditional assets such as stocks and bonds.

Peace of Mind

Cryptocurrencies are a prime target for cybercrime. Echelon’s principals have been involved in this space since its origin. As a result, Echelon deploys world-class security systems and protocols to safeguard your investment.

Powered by AI

Echelon automates portfolio management with artifical intelligence. The autonomous agents are designed to follow a strict investment methodology which includes automatic rebalancing events and delisting of assets that do not pass eligibility criteria.

How it Works


Investors of Echelon are screened according to industry leading KYC and AML standards. After screening, investors receive credentials to access the Echelon platform.



Echelon gives investors access to the cryptocurrency market through traditional means. This means Echelon will accept investments via SWIFT, ACH, as well as wire transfers.



Echelon issues shares in a portfolio of digital assets aimed at tracking the performance of the cryptocurrency market. As shareholders of Echelon, investors have a stake in how the fund is managed and governed.



Investors can redeem their shares instantly and deposit it into their verified bank account. Echelon applies state-of-the-art engineering to operate at a low cost and deliver more value to the investor.

Uncompromising Security

A Higher Bar

We meet and exceed all industry standards for security. PCI DSS requirements for credit card information, GLBA, SOX/J-SOX, NCUA, and all data privacy and data residency laws.

Hardened Software

Our software systems offer best-in-class performance, reliability, and security. Regular audits of our systems are conducted by the world's top security researchers to guarantee the safety of your deposits.

Bare-Metal Protection

We use specialized hardware with military-grade encryption to protect all our data. Our systems are geographically distributed with no central points of attack for maximum resiliency.

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